Benefits Of Putting In Sod This Spring Or Summer

When it comes to landscaping, there’s nothing more beautiful than a lush, vibrant, healthy green lawn. 

Don’t settle for patchy grass! Hobbs Turf Farms can help by installing sod in Preston, Idaho

Sod is cut sections of grass that have been pre-grown and matured by professionals. Here are some of the stand-out benefits of sod for your landscape. 

What’s To Love About Sod

  • Sod releases oxygen and helps cool the air. 
  • Sod helps reduce heat. In fact, in the heat of summer, sod is about 30 degrees cooler than rock or asphalt and 15 degrees cooler than bare soil. It’s also significantly cooler than artificial turf. 
  • Sod absorbs carbon dioxide, helping to reduce greenhouse gases. 
  • Sod is the fastest, easiest way to establish a lawn—in just a matter of hours. 
  • You’re allowed more flexibility when it comes to sod. It can be installed any time the ground isn’t frozen—giving you a longer window of time to tackle your project. Sod also requires less water to establish than seed. 
  • We spend a year growing seed into sod. When we bring it to your home, the grass has reached maturity. After it’s installed, it will be ready for use and foot traffic in just a few weeks. 
  • Sod can be installed at a reasonable cost and help you save on both time and labor. Seeding may initially cost less, but more costs are recurring down the road with seed—including having to reseed areas or treat for erosion or overseeding. Seed also requires more watering. Seeded lawns require a great deal of nurturing and care to reach maturity, and can’t be used until months down the road. 
  • Creating a beautifully landscaped yard with sod can instantly add up to 20% to the value of your home.
  • Sod also adds value to your lifestyle. It creates a functional space to play and relax. 
  • Sod is fully mature when it’s installed. That means it immediately helps control erosion—or the loss of topsoil due to wind, rain, and other processes—from flat ground to steep hills and slopes and everything in between. In contrast, erosion is one of the most significant concerns with seed as the seed and soil can easily be washed away. 
  • A lawn also helps filter dirt and dust, eliminates mud, and muffles noise. 
  • Because sod is professionally grown and cared for prior to being installed, it suppresses pesky weeds from infiltrating your lawn. 
  • Sod creates a more dense, lush lawn compared to seeding.


Sod In Preston, Idaho

Hobbs Turf Farms gives your lawn a healthy foundation and a beautiful, solid start. We grow superior sod products using premium soil and maintenance techniques. 

We’ll take the fuss and hassle out of trying to establish your own lawn. 

We’re the sod experts. Contact us today to get started on your landscape!

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