How To Properly Water Your New Sod

Sod is one of the most efficient ways to establish a lush, full, healthy lawn. Sod is grass that has already matured and is ready to flourish once it’s laid down. 

With that said, once your sod is installed it will need careful attention to maintain it and help it grow. 

Here are a few tips from your trusted pros for premium sod in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Preparing The Ground For Sod

For starters, it can be helpful to know the best way to prepare your landscape for sod. Irrigation or sprinkler systems should be installed first, as well as fences or walkways. 

Next, the soil should be plowed, digged, and leveled. Adding compost can also help enrich the soil. The soil should also be watered prior to sod installation. 


Watering After Sod Installation 

Water your entire lawn immediately after laying down the sod. Make sure the water penetrates the soil. 

Sod will require the most watering the first few weeks after installation. This is essential to make sure roots develop strongly and correctly. 

Water your lawn evenly on a daily basis. The best time is in the morning by 10:00 am before the heat of the day causes the moisture to evaporate. Make sure the entire lawn gets about an inch to an inch and a half of water. It’s important to water all at once so the moisture penetrates deep into the soil. 

In-ground irrigation or sprinkler systems are the optimal choice as they ensure the lawn is watered evenly. If this isn’t an option for you and you need to use a hose with a sprinkler attachment, this process will likely be much more time consuming and challenging.

Also be aware of the negative impact of watering too much. Excess water can cause disease to spread in the roots of the grass. Watch for signs of over watering, like small puddles in the lawn that don’t penetrate the soil. 

Avoid walking on freshly watered grass as well, and don’t walk on grass altogether until it’s ready to be mowed. 

After about two weeks, gradually reduce watering to about every other day. Then, after about a month, watering may taper off to when it visibly needs it—about once a week. 

Sod Installation In Utah, Idaho, And Wyoming

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