Pro Tips For How To Lay Sod

Sod, also known as turf, is grass that has been pre-grown, harvested, and transplanted to create a new lawn. Sod is the preferred choice for landscaping because of its beautiful visual appeal, ease of establishment and care, ability to be used in a variety of settings, and environmental benefits. 

If you’re wondering how to lay sod, it’s important to remember that the help of a pro can’t be overstated. Having a professional provide and lay premium sod in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming is the wisest way to ensure the turf establishes as it should and will thrive for many years ahead. 

Here are some professional practices for laying sod: 

  • Take time to thoroughly plan ahead. A few weeks before laying the sod, choose a date with a clear weather forecast. You’ll also want to avoid installing sod during times of watering restrictions or drought. 
  • Measure and re-measure your landscape. It’s crucial to understand the exact size of your yard in square feet so you know how much sod you’re going to need. And don’t just measure once then be done with it, do it a couple of times to make sure your measurements are accurate. 
  • Choose your sod type. This includes the type of grass and size of rolls. 
  • Adequately prepare the soil. You’ll want to start by removing any existing grass or weeds. Next, till and aerate the soil using a rototiller. Follow up by raking the soil to ensure it’s level. Before laying the sod, you’ll also want to dampen the soil. Depending on the landscape, you may also want to lay compost or fresh topsoil. 
  • Now you’re ready to lay the sod. Begin on a straight edge and lay the sod tightly together in a staggered brick pattern. Take great care to ensure there aren’t any cracks between the pieces. Make sure the sod is flat and that there aren’t any wrinkles or air pockets by pressing it down once you’re finished. Also remember not to walk on the sod as you lay it. 
  • Water the sod. This is essential to make sure it roots well and has good contact with the soil. Water sod daily, preferably in the morning, for the first week. Taper off to every other day, then twice per week. 
  • Fertilize and mow the grass. Just make sure you wait about four to six weeks before mowing. 


Sod Installation In Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

A pro like Hobbs Turf Farms has all of the products, tools, and expertise required to make sure your sod is installed to perfection. Utilize our team to take care of the heavy lifting and to make sure you have a beautiful, well established lawn to love and use for decades to come. 

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