What Makes Sod A Water-Wise Option For Your Landscape

When planted and managed correctly, sod can help create a landscape that’s beautiful and also water-smart. 

Sod creates usable outdoor space, and can also help keep temperatures cooler. Another significant advantage is that when you choose a grass that thrives in your climate, it uses significantly less water compared to other grass options. 

Choosing Grass For Your Climate 

Cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass can withstand the broad range of temperatures characteristic to Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. From bitter cold winters to hot, dry summers, the growth will go dormant when needed and resume in appropriate conditions. 


Sod Vs. Seed 

The two main choices for a lawn are sod and seed. Sod is mature grass that’s been cared for and grown already so it can be directly planted and quickly established. 

Seed may cost less up front, but it takes months or years to fully establish. It also requires the most irrigation and continued regular watering until its fully established. Seeded grass is also spotty and particularly vulnerable to birds, pests, and rodents.


Caring For Your New Grass 

Watering is essential to help your grass put down roots in its new home. Keep an eye for signs that your grass needs watered, like if it stays matted down when stepped on. You’ll also want to avoid over watering. 

The great news is, sod requires less demand for irrigation and establishes significantly faster than seed. 

When it’s time to mow your lawn, put it on a higher height setting until your grass establishes deep, strong roots. Fertilizer can also help grow a healthy lawn and nutrient-dense soil. 

Now is the perfect time to get the process started for your dream lawn. Contact the sod experts in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming today!

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